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Specifically, was the content created for private consumption or commercial use? Given the widespread creation and sharing of private erotica, a substantial amount of pornographic material would presumably be unaffected by the legislation. In a very short time, Iceland will undoubtedly find itself at the age-old prohibition impasse, asking which holds more clout: As shown with most government-sanctioned goods or services, a black market develops; those participating eventually monopolize the marketplace; a consistent profit is generated; and ultimately standard supply and demand principles are used to exploit and perpetuate a marketplace devoid of legislative supervision.

Government-imposed prohibitions might change behavior, but a behavioral change does not prove that the problem was solved; only that it has been forced underground.

Ultimately, Iceland is unlikely to become a porn free zone irrespective of the pending legislation. By the close of , the Republican presidential hopefuls had their work cut out for them.

Despite consistent double-digit polling numbers since early fall, January claimed another candidate in former Utah Governor, Jon Huntsman. Despite suspending his candidacy back in December amidst allegations of sexual misconduct , Cain has done his best to remain in the spotlight, still lobbying for his Plan and has yet to formally endorse one of his former competitors.

Paul is applauded for his valiant effort, but ultimately directed by the GOP powers-that-be to graciously keep the rebel rousing within the confines of the Texas state line. Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, was thought to be down and out this past summer after a series of questionable spending excursions and the infamous mass exodus of several high-ranking campaign officials.

But ever the true politician, Newt has overcome the instability of his early campaign and gained enough momentum to be considered a genuine presidential hopeful. Probably the biggest candidate surprise of the campaign thus far is former Pennsylvania Senator, Rick Santorum. So what do the Republican Presidential candidates have to say about adult entertainment issues?

Our nation is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography that is readily available — even to children on the Internet and in other venues. In his response to MIM, Santorum wrote: If elected President, I will appoint an Attorney General who will do so. In a one-on-one interview with MIM staffers, Gingrich was asked if he will enforce existing laws that make distribution of hard-core adult pornography illegal, he responded: The only candidate to reference online content in his written reply to the MIM demand, Romney stated: This can be accomplished with increased parental involvement and enhanced supervision of our children.

While this may not be tantamount to accepting a donation from Max Hardcore or Extreme Associates, this minor campaign faux pas is going to raise more than a few eyebrows. The stakes are high for the country and our Constitutional freedoms.

Gas up the DeLorean, because Orrin Hatch is taking us back to The Task Force was a special Justice Department unit set up during the first Bush administration as a result of conservatives reacting to the abundance of allegedly obscene material available on the Internet.

What would Trump do? Notably, as this blog post goes to print, reports of adult filmmaker, Ira Isaacs , having been indicted on five new obscenity charges are hitting the newswire. Originally slated to go to trial in , the case was postponed due to the controversial recusal of Judge Alex Kozinski. So how does all this ambiguity ultimately affect the adult industry?

This industry has traditionally been used as a tool in political agendas, unfortunately resulting in the First Amendment as the inevitable loser all too often. This article was drafted with the purpose of addressing all political agendas affecting the adult entertainment industry and in no way was intended to act as a political endorsement of any candidate.

It should also be noted that the author is not associated with any election campaigns or a member of any political party. Although the FTC has previously reprimanded a handful of companies for affiliate program advertising issues, this week was the first action issued by the FTC that resulted in a fine.

Tennessee-based Legacy Learning Systems, Inc. Based on this business model, the FTC accused Legacy of false advertising by misleading potential customers into believing the reviews written by its affiliates reflected the unbiased views of ordinary consumers, therefore violating the FTC Act.

If the disclosures are not present, then Legacy must immediately terminate the affiliate. Furthermore, Legacy must provide all future and current affiliates with a copy of the Consent Order entered into with the FTC and a signed statement by the affiliate that it received the order and agrees to comply with the FTC requirements or risk being terminated by the affiliate program. Probably not the best way to introduce your company to a new affiliate. That being said, sites that engage in any type of compensated review system as a form of advertising are going to feel the aftermath of this one.

Affiliate programs, like most marketing tactics, are about the bottom line — when the only alternative to ridiculously impractical mandatory monitoring is the FTC breathing down your throat, it makes you wonder how long until review affiliate program operators cut their losses and just shut down these programs completely.

Oddly, however, the adult industry has lagged behind, in its recognition of consumer demand for ala carte-type pricing models employed by other facets of the entertainment industry.

PVLocker utilizes an open source browser providing the customer with an app store-esque environment to purchase the desired content on a per file basis. Now before your Infringement Radar starts buzzing off the charts, have no fear, Pink Visual has no plans to allow content sharing on the site. Hence, allowing PVLocker to fill a very noticeable gap in the adult website marketplace, while still keeping happy the almighty copyright holder.

Even though Pink Visual obviously understands the necessity of business model evolution, it intends to continue distributing content through the traditional subscription basis as well, as long as it makes fiscal sense to do so.

How long will that be? We design effective web sites for the adult industry. Our designers and developers are professionals with adult websites. We program most websites we build from the ground up, using PHP programming to control the look and all the functionality of the site.

At first glance, this may sound like the more time consuming and harder way to do the job, but many times it is not. We have been doing this for so long and our PHP developers are so proficient at PHP programming for adult websites that it is much faster for us to program from scratch rather than to hack somebody else's old code.

Not to mention that when we do it from scratch, we know it will function the way you want it to. Since we do all the programming, it means we can quickly and easily make changes to the programming. We can easily add new features and new options to the programming, or to your site, to make it more appealing and attract more visitors.

Plus, all of our work in performed in the USA. We do not outsource overseas One thing you have to constantly focus on is staying fresh looking, giving visitors and members what they want and giving them reasons to stay on your website and to keep coming back for more. You can do this by regularly updating the content of your site and by staying up with the newest trends and features in the industry.

We are here to help keep your site fresh and state-of-the-art by updating it regularly and adding the newest features for you. Once you set yourself apart as an exciting, constantly fresh site, instead of a boring site with the same look all the time, you will keep your members and attract plenty of new ones.

There are basically two common ways to make money. You can use either one or use a combination of them to make as much money as you possibly can. You can have a membership-based website where a visitor to your site decides they want to join as a member, then signs up on the membership page and pays with a credit card. You can set up different levels of membership with different pricing that allows the members to access specific areas and features of the site.

This gives them access to the members area and the benefits of whichever level of membership they choose. Another great money-maker is to offer toys and novelties on your site. There are plenty of wholesalers that can provide you with great deals on to sell adult merchandise of all kinds. We can easily set up a storefront and shopping cart on your site for you to sell anything you want. There are literally thousands of people online that are running their own web sites and are making thousands and thousands of dollars every month.

You can be one of them!


: Just sex dating adult entertainment services

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